Soothing Massage Therapy in Royal Oak, MI




Treating the Whole

A tense body is an unhealthy body. Your system doesn't have the full capacity to heal if it's dealing with poor circulation and strained muscles. It's also not only physical stress but emotional anxiety that can weaken your immune system and reduce productivity. Get a therapeutic treatment that addresses your entire being.

The Benefits of Our Massages

We offer more than just a soothing back rub. Our experts personalize your massage to ensure that it is the best remedy for your specific condition or injury. This guarantees that you get only the most beneficial care to improve your health and well-being.

Loosening your Stress

Your spine is a lot more likely to slip out of alignment when you have pulled muscles, strained ligaments or tight tendons. We'll use our knowledge of the musculoskeletal system to precisely pinpoint and relax areas that are causing you trouble while also improving your range of motion.

Circulation and Emotional Well-Being

There are more benefits to massage therapy than just easing muscle tension. The process of working your body's tissues helps promote blood circulation and reduces swelling. A professional massage also induces the release of oxytocin throughout your body, which will leave you with reduced pain and stress, allowing your body to heal naturally.

Our Soothing Therapy

At Progressive Chiropractic, we are dedicated to serving Birmingham, Michigan and the surrounding areas with calming, therapeutic massages. Let our professional staff help you improve your health with a relaxing, relieving treatment. Call today to find out more about our special on one-hour massages for first-time patients.